Four Awesome Changes to Gmail Contacts

  1. Contact merge.
  2. All Contacts - You will now see a group called All Contacts. Great place if you have multiple contacts per person and would like to merge information.
  3. Finallyyy, you can move contacts out of the My Contacts group. This can come in handy when syncing contacts with your Blackberry… or you know, your phone. (I have a BB, so awesome!!)
  4. Searching is much better, after all… what is the Big G known for?

[via the Big G Blog]

Update Twitter from ANY Browser w/Twitlet

Now you can use your favorite browser (FF, duh) and update your Twitter using a simple bookmarklet. Add Twitlet bookmarklet to your browser. It will constantly make you update your status and say, “browsing the web,” “browsing the web” because obviously all you will be doing is browsing the web if you use Twitlet to update your status… well atleast until you go indepth or watch a show on hulu.

At any rate, here is the Twitlet link. And below and above is a tadbit of a preview.

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Weekly Round-Up - February 8, 2009

Link Dump

  1. Woman fails drivers test 771 times… still not giving up. GET A CAB B@#$H!!
  2. Apologize (the song) - The Indian Way
  3. Fl. man issues 50 citations in 1 day
  4. Russian girl killed + body parts ate
  5. Man put 911 dispatcher on hold to drug deal

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How Crazy Is This?

So how crazy is this? Two kindergarten boys have the same rare disease and are in the same class. But that is not the only thing they have in common; their mom’s name is Rachel.

- Read more

Pick Up Line of the Week

My name is (your name), but you can call me tonight!

Weekly Round-Up - Feburary 1, 2009

Link Dump
  1. GITMO Closed! Ahhhhh…
  2. Miss America 2009 - Katie Stam
  3. YouTube now lets you erase those dumb comments from your video. Oh ok, now only MY opinion counts and the opinions I choose. Great.
  4. Just Plane Despicable
  5. Crazy Brits (Chicks) looking for one-night stands
  6. The BEST thing you can find on Google Maps

Douche-bag of the Week
Man accused of making drug deals at police station. Go to story!

WTF?A shark spinning while he jumped out the water! Wow! how crazy is that?!?! Just watch the video yourself and you will be amazed. Go to the video!

Pick Up Line of the Week

Do you want to see something swell?

Weekly Round-Up - January 25, 2009

Picture 1.png

Link Dump

  1. Costliest Inauguration
  2. Non-stop Speaking for 124 Hours
  3. 14 Ways to SIX-Figure Jobs (All without a a college degree)
  4. Melissa Threw a Baby, Killed It… Because She Got Mad
  5. Crazy Car Wreck
  6. New Blackberry Storm OS Leaked + Brings Full QWERTY in Portrait (Beautiful)
  7. Victim of Virginia Tech murder was decapitated
  8. World’s Dumbest Mittens
  9. Why People Fake Their Death

Woo, that’s some wacky stuff right der…

Houston’s Aubrey Coleman steps on Chase Budinger’s face as if it was a door mat. How ridiculous is that? Coleman saw Budinger on the ground and he still went over him. Read more…

Pick Up Line of the Week

My boys over there bet that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the room. Want to buy some drinks with their money?

New Blackberry Storm 9500/9530 OS Leaked

Great stable strong built OS.

Previous OS: for 9530.

Process of installation: Backup, Upgrade, Battery Pull, Wipe, Battery Pull, Restore ONLY certain needed data from the database.

1) The screen seems to be more attractive, noticeable, and as everyone noticed, the font is bigger by default.

2) Camera seems to have no issues with me, yet.

3) Switching from landscape to portrait seems to be a tad quicker then .86.

4) The browser is not a big difference, still fast. 4 seconds for google homepage to load.

5) When switching from Suretype to QWERTY or from anything to QWERTY in portrait mode, it does not change until you take the keyboard down then back up… if you understand. if not.. I’m sorry.

6) As far as memory, I am running at about 35.8MB. (after 3 hours from upgrade) / With a couple of applications installed. Google Sync, YouTube and Visual VM.

7) Overall scrolling, menu popping, moving, doing stuff around… it’s a pretty solid improvement over the

Enjoy the OS, I am.

Download for the 9500
Download for the 9530

Weekly Round-Up - January 18, 2009

Picture 2.png

Link Dump

  1. FDA Approves Drug For Longer Lashes
  2. Small Money Saving Moves
  3. God Given Talent
  4. Multi-Boot: Linux & Windows 7 Beta
  5. Nintendo Patents On-Tap Assistance Idea
  6. Brothers Find Each Other After 80 Years. Guess how far apart they lived?
  7. Ohio Teen Killed Mom Over Video Game
  8. is gonna’ happen in 2012!!!! (Yes, that’s a blank)
  9. How Schoolers Dress For Education In Netherlands
  10. Evolution of Dance 2

WOW, That is Wacky

What’s Gross About Pulling Out Your Eye and Eating It? Andre Thomas, an inmate at the Texas prison ate his right eye. This was not his first time doing this.

Pick Up Line of the Week

(As she’s leaving) Hey aren’t you forgetting something? She: What? You: Me!

iPhone Nano Coming Soon, Maybe…

Picture 4.pngWhat would you do if the iPhone Nano came out this June? Reports say that the a chip manufacturer is to receive microchip orders from Apple around March.

If you must ask, what is the purpose of this iPhone Nano, if it ever comes out? I would have to say a cheap alternative way to have an iPhone… looking… type… clone… phone. The Nano phone will be a smaller size then the original iPhone (of course) with lesser memory. Renders suggest that it will have a regular camera. I hope they do not do that deal similar to the 1st gen iPhone… iPhone nano and then come out with an iPhone nano 3G after 6 months. That is just a waste of time and money.

So, who is this iPhone Nano for? I’d say for people who are not totally into the bigger iPhone 3G and want something smaller to deal with or something just cheaper. I would say that the iPhone is cheap if you get the contract but if you are looking at retail and what an iPhone, the nano just might row the boat.

Google Chrome For Mac - Yes, it’s comin’

mac_icon.jpgGoogle Chrome for Mac is seriously in the builds right now and it is coming soon. Please get your emails entered into the Google Link HERE and get notified as soon as Chrome is finished being developed.

Google Chromium Expectations

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