Gmail Update: Multi-select and Progress Bars added

Gmail has added two new features for the way your Gmail handles attachments. You can now select more then one file to add to attachment and you can also watch the progress of the attachments (most needed for me). You will definitly save a few clicks when sending multiple files.

[via Gmail blog]

The Best Way to Manage Contacts on Your BlackBerry Storm 9500/9530

This post is for those who are looking at the easiest way possible to manage contacts and sync both ways.  This is the method that I have been using ever since day one. This is the method that I think is a “set it and forget it” type of thing.

The method is of course, if you haven’t guess it yet, Google Sync. Now your thinking oh this is so pointless… ok then stop reading. But my point here is how simple this piece of program is and how much time it saves over all. EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE TO DO A WIPE. Like you know, when you wipe your entire BlackBerry Storm with either the Wipe feature on your phone or the JL_CMDER program.

Google Sync will synchronize the contacts and calendar on your phone with your Google Account. The sync process is a two way sync, that means that it will sync both ways. If you change a contacts number on your phone it will automatically change in your Google Contacts (located in Gmail, then click Contacts on the left navigation).

So, how can you get started?

As shown on this picture, click on Contacts and take some time to transfer all your contacts into there… make any necessary changes. Remove duplicate contacts, etc. Oh and save it under “My Contacts.”

After you do that… go either here or on your mobile to this address:

If you go to the mobile page from your phone, smarty pants google will automatically recognize your sexy BlackBerry Storm and give you a link to install, click “Install” from your BlackBerry Storm. Then click “Download.”

After you have downloaded, simply run the program and sync. You can also change your settings by going to Menu > Options.

Be sure to check out my BlackBerry Storm dedicated site: I Love My - Oh yes I do! (Visit on your Storm)

Weekly Round-Up - February 22, 2009

Link Dump

  1. 10 Greasemonkey scripts you shouldn’t browse without
  2. Calibrate your HDTV for cheap
  3. GeeMail on your Desktop (MAC too)
  4. Queued - Netflix Queue Manager
  5. Indiana man renovating old house finds hidden room
  6. Couple wed in funeral home on Valentine’s Day

Douche-bag of the Week

Ok, so listen to what happened in New York this week. This drunk guy
named Dustin Dibble gets awarded $2.3 million because the train ran
over his leg. Remember, I said DRUNK. Read more to find out how much money he was originally
suing for.

New Mac Mini Video?

Mac Mini 2009 Edition - video powered by Metacafe

Olive Garden - Google’s #1 Trend on Feb. 14.

My favorite resturant is Google’s trendsetter!

Weekly Round-Up - February 15, 2009

Photo: DPA /

Link Dump

  1. A Valentine’s Story
  2. MIT Students Turn Internet into a Sixth Human Sense [Video after jump]
  3. Rihanna/Chris Brown - Readers defend Chris Brown
  4. Father of Rihanna Speaks Out
  5. Guy sues Marriott over a fall after drinking (for serving him drinks, now has brain damage)
  6. Man calls 911 b/c restaurant has ran out of lemonade!

Douche-bag of the Week

In Germany a drunk driver crashed into a truck speeding on A44 motorway. He wasn’t the only one in the car he had a passenger in the front seat with him. When he crashed into the truck, the passenger died instantly. Guess what the driver did to the passenger after he crashed… Read on to find out!

Pick Up Line of the Week

No more… we are stopping the pick up lines!

Article Skimmer - Simpler News [NYT Prototype]

NYT has a new prototype web layout that simplifies the way you read each section of the new paper.

Few tips:

  • Hit space to scroll ahead a section
  • Hit shift when hovering over any article to see a larger version

Seem to be appealing to me. Will see what the rest of the world thinks once it actually out there.

Happy Valentine’s Day tadbit Readers
Thank you for reading I really appreciate it you guys taking your time to read and be a part of tb. I hope everyones wishes come true and all you ladies get proposed, if you wanted to be.

Enjoy, because it’s Feb. 14th, 2009.

Explore the Ocean in Google Earth 5.0

How would you like to visit the Titanic shipwreck in 3D, at home? Sounds good to me. Well, Google Earth 5.0 can. You can dive beneath the surface of the ocean and discover new surf and dive spots including many 3D shipwrecks.

Visit Google Earth 5.0

Granny, Bernice Gallergo, sells that attic baseball card.

What appears to be the one of the first ever baseball cards made was recently sold for $64,073. She first put it up for sale on eBay for a whopping $10 starting bid, then later pulled it down because she realized that it was worth far more then she thought. Damn right Grandma! She once won $250K from a slot machine in Nevada.