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Tadbit is a new extreamly fast growing blog posting in many different areas. From technology in your house to the lifestyle in your bedroom. Uh huh, you know what I mean. Those, how to get this type of girl, this type of guy… articles. The “Oh crap, new gadget in town” articles are also found here.

What exactly do we do here at Tadbit?

- We have a ‘weekly gathering’ post that is posted around every Friday of every week. Wanna’ see? Weekly Gathering

- We also help you with your bedroom drama, personal topics, and yeah… lifestyle related. Yes, lifestyle! Wanna’ see? Lifestyle

- Oh shoot, new gadget. We have a category for this, check it out. Tech

- You shouldn’t always be reading. Sometimes you should watch some videos. We have a category for this as well. Videos

We shouldn’t go through all the darn categories as there are tons. But you get the idea.

We are the tech/humor blog.

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Enjoy Tadbit, we post because we love doing it!