Weekly Round-Up - February 15, 2009

Photo: DPA / thelocal.de

Link Dump

  1. A Valentine’s Story
  2. MIT Students Turn Internet into a Sixth Human Sense [Video after jump]
  3. Rihanna/Chris Brown - Readers defend Chris Brown
  4. Father of Rihanna Speaks Out
  5. Guy sues Marriott over a fall after drinking (for serving him drinks, now has brain damage)
  6. Man calls 911 b/c restaurant has ran out of lemonade!

Douche-bag of the Week

In Germany a drunk driver crashed into a truck speeding on A44 motorway. He wasn’t the only one in the car he had a passenger in the front seat with him. When he crashed into the truck, the passenger died instantly. Guess what the driver did to the passenger after he crashed… Read on to find out!

Pick Up Line of the Week

No more… we are stopping the pick up lines!

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