One off the best lifestyle changing procedures you can do.

Everyone struggles with a hectic lifestyle, but when that lifestyle gets interrupted with hard daily procedures, like a surface splinter, or a cracked egg yolk on the floor, the day only gets harder, and more hectic. Well thanks to our good friends from across the ocean, many people have seen and used new methods to accomplish annoying daily tasks.

Take for example the problem of never having any green grass. Well how do you accomplish getting green grass in a matter of 1 week? Sorry all of my drinking friends out there, but I am sad to say, that you put one of your color changing beers on the empty patch of grass. Now your asking, why does this work? Well, believe it or not beer has a lot of fermented sugar. Fermented sugar does the same job as a natural fertilizer.

All you men out there may outraged, but when that outdoor surprise holiday party roles around, and your wife reminds you about the grass, you will be glad you and your buds bought that 12 pack the day before.

[Via Lifehacker]

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