Website + Speed + Dreamhost = Hell (The Truth)

dreamhostSUCK Now that I have time to write this, I want to UN-recommend everyone from Dreamhost. In simple English, they suck! We,, literally, hosted with them for approximately 48 hours. Yeah, they suck that bad.

(Click on the image to see how we left!)

The DreamPanel

- Man this thing sucks. I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! You are supposedly giving us so much space, so much bandwidth, give us something good, higher class… we don’t want your dreampanel, give me my cPanel!


Articles? What webmaster is going to go into a f@$k@$g wiki page while their website is all messed up and down and with problems and crap. Give us your number! Give me high class support. For goodness sake reduce the space allocation for each dreamhoster and put more money into supporting staff.


The ultimate reason to why tadbit moved to another host. It was so slow. The website doesn’t even open in a blink, but it would by the time I use the restroom, take a quick nap, and get something to eat. Ah, there I see the logo now.

The Good

Okay, okay, so dreamhost isn’t that bad. The best thing they can offer is a complete refund within the mighty 97 days. Good job. Now focus on keeping the customers.

And remember

This is MY opinion, if or if not you have such opinion show them to me in the comments. I want to hear what you have to say about DreamHost. This should in no way affect dreamhost and the way they are. (LOL!)

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I hosted with Dreamhost for a while about a year ago. In complete honesty, i absolutely hated them. Good post!

You’re preaching to the choir!

they do suck, i hated that freakin panel they had, it was imposible to find how to do the most simplest things.

good post

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