tadbit.com is BACK online!

Thank you guys for being patient with us. After 13 hours of downtime, we have moved to our new host (Dreamhost), since they claim that the “have no CPU usage limit” we decided to use them. There were reviews on them that were bad and others were just outstanding. Dreamhost being ranked #11 with the most domains of all host, is what we are testing now. IF this doesn’t go well, we have a 97 day money back thing, so we will have to move again.

Hopefully “dreamhost” can handle us.

Well, this post is to let you tadbit fans know that we are back online and will start making some minor changes to the site. We still have some work to be done. If you don’t see awesome tadbit like posts, don’t worry, we are working on them. You will be entertained.

tadbit (staff)

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