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Weekly Round-Up - April 26, 2009

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Being a squirrel is NUTTY
Tweetie for Mac now available
Slumdog Dad Nabbed by Police
Worlds Largest model RC plane
Beyonce Flash Dance, Piccadilly Circus, London

An 11-year boy is desperately looking for help for his disease. He is suffering from hypertrichosis that makes him look like a werewolf. To read more about his story click here.

Weekly Round-Up - April 19, 2009

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Can your car last a million miles?
How to tell if ‘he’ is really into you
Tom Thumb - smallest living Dog
Top 10 money saving guides for common purchases
Live Screencasting (mac version coming soon)
Find the best part-time job for your time
Inside a Google Data Center

Enjoy folks!

Weekly Round-Up - April 12, 2009

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The masters hold in one shot by Vijay Singh
Convert movies to mp4 using HandBrake
BlackBerry Storm 2
Pirates Hijack Ship
Captain from Ship Released - Pirates shot dead - Blog Launch on Easter Sunday

Weekly Round-Up - April 5, 2009

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Need to Know: The Four “Fast & Furious” Films
Behind the scenes at NetFlix
Fiance Drops Engagement Ring Off Brooklyn Bridge
NASCAR April Fool’s Joke
Woman Dies While Cop Writes Ticket
100 Movies to see before you die
Baby Flushed Down Toilet
6 Used-Car Traps and how to avoid them

Prax Sanchez, a 72 year-old man from Colorado coughed up an inch [...]