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Bejing Olympic Card Stack - World Record

Buddy here, Bryan Berg, spent 20 days working on this piece of art work. He used a total of 140,000 playing cards. Yes, ONE HUNDRED and FOURTY THOUSAND! Very cool looking thing.
It’s called the Bejing Olympic Village.

Bejing Olympic Card Stack @ Yahoo! Video

iPhone 3G - Now Ships With Built-In Pictures

An iPhone 3G was recently shipped to someone in Kingston Upon Hull, UK with 3 pictures already coming with the “new” iPhone 3G.
Yes, the brand so-called new iPhone came with THREE pictures of the assembly line worker. Hmm, someone surely was having fun that day.
Here is what he said:
Not sure if this is or is [...]

Eating Out? Let Hook You Up!

If you are going out to eat with some friends or family
before Labor Day, go to and buy yourself a Gift Certificate for ‘uber cheap price. is offering 60% off their already cheap prices on GC’s.
So, say you are going to Cancun on Saturday night with some family. You buy yourself a $25 dollar [...]

Top 5 “What Good Music Is Out There” site.

This is going to short, simple, and sweet. Yes, sweet. I am going to give you the Top five, I’d say tools, but really sites, that I like to use to find all the good music out there. What new, what hots, etc. I always like the songs that are on the Top 10 or [...]