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Free Domain Name Registration From GoDaddy

GoDaddy is offering a free domain name registration with subscription to IndyCar newsletter. Free and Simple!
1. Click here.
2. Enter valid information (Be sure to check the box)
3. After you receive your code in your email, go here and register your FREE Domain!
[Via SlickDeals]
Update: 7/31/2008
Deal has expired. :(

600 Starbucks to Close - “Oh no, my morning Latte!”

Starbucks Corp. has named all 600 company-owned stores it plans to close in a bid to boost its business and weed out unprofitable locations.
The company announced 50 stores late last week, saying those stores would be closed by the end of July. Those include four stores in Alabama, seven in Minnesota and eight in California.
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A new P2P in Town - Cabos - Simple and Lightweight

Cabos, Windows and Mac only, is a free open-source peer-to-peer file sharing application. A lightweight P2P client is always good, this one perfects nifty-ness.
Check it out for yourself, its lightweight, stripped down and bloat free.
[Via Download Squad & LifeHacker]

The All New iPhone 3G - Coming This Friday

11 hours ago Apple Relea sed an email notifying everyone that the new iPhone 3G will be coming to stores near you this Friday.

In stores Friday. Be ready with everything you need.

Where to buy?
Locate a store near you where you can purchase your new iPhone 3G.
Find a store.
How do you get ready?
Well, Apple tells us [...]

Grey and Black Pixel Box in GMail Inbox - What Can It Be?

First top half shaded in black and the other bottom half in grey. … But for some reason it looks like its there to make GMail look like a piece of paper.