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Weekly Gathering - Feb. 29, 2008

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33 Different Ways To Lace Shoes
Create HTML Form in Seconds.
Pole Dance Training Gone Wrong
Klein’s Quartic Curve - Math Art
Horse Kick
The Geek’s Cake - Pic

 Game of the Week - BuzzDash - The Game

Select your topic categories and click “Start”.You’ll then be shown 15 [...]

Top 10 Open Source Applications

Who says that just because something is 100% free that it can’t also be good? In this post, it is my mission to debug myths about open source applications being poor quality. Here are the top 10 (in no particular order) open source applications.These are in no particular order!

How to: Disable System Tray

Tired of those system tray icons? Here is a way to get rid of the bunch. Follow these six simple steps.
Note: This edit deals with a fridgin’ REGISTRY EDITOR don’t mess with things you don’t know. Next thing you know, your ’start’ button will say ‘end.’ Play safe!
1. Open the run programs dialog box [...]

Energy Drinks - Boost or Buzz

Both, boost and buzz! Yep, Brands like Sparks, Tilt, and Budweiser Extra have caffeine and ginseng for energy but they also can contain up to 7 percent alcohol. That’s higher than a can of beer. The question is, how are these drinks regulated? Some people aren’t even aware these energy drinks have alcohol already added. [...]

Weekly Gathering - Feb. 22, 2008

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10 Six-Figure Jobs without a Professional Degree
hott notes - a free sticky notes reminder program for your desktop. Very worth it if you are a forgetting person, like me. It is totally free, no ads, no spy-ware. Make checklists, set alarms, etc. Also [...]

RapGet - One of the Best Rapidshare File Downloader!

Not ONLY rapidshare; RapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as,, and others. MANY OTHERS!
Check here to see!
Try it and test it yourself… its completely free.
Get it!
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Simple Mail : Firefox Add-on

     Are you tired of having a different window for your mail client? Look no further, Simple Mail - mail notifier & client is here. With Simple Mail you can get notified, read and write email messages right in Firefox.
Reason why it serves a purpose is you can add more than one POP3 [...]

8 Simple Memory Tricks You Should Practice

I am really bad when it comes to going out grocery shopping. I am told to get this and that, come back with that and those. If you know what I am saying. Many people have trouble with remembering simple things. They either forget in the split second they think about something else or [...] is BACK online!

Thank you guys for being patient with us. After 13 hours of downtime, we have moved to our new host (Dreamhost), since they claim that the “have no CPU usage limit” we decided to use them. There were reviews on them that were bad and others were just outstanding. Dreamhost being ranked #11 with the [...]

Tadbit is moving to a bigger hosting!

Hi guys, since we are getting tons and tons of traffic on our blog everyday, and each day more and more subscribers we have decided to move to a BIGGER and better hosting today!
The site might be down for a little time because we are going to change the domain and all that stuff, so [...]