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15 Unfortunate Domain Names - A reason to why you must think!

How about you think before you register your next domain name. Here is a solid proof oh why you MUST think before you register your domain. Don’t be so eager to register it so nobody would take it, nobody wants it anyway.
The list

Who Represents - Find the agent that represents any celebrity. (Whore Presents)
Italian Power [...]

Drunk driver

Patrick Shanahan needed a set of wheels to get home from a local pub in Toronto, Canada, so he used his mother’s motorized wheelchair. The trouble was, Shanahan was drunk and he already had a previous impaired driving conviction. A police officer saw the 35-year-old headed down the road at 1:15 a.m., concluded he was [...]

Monday’s Time Waster - Reaction Time - Jan. 28, 2008

So… how fast is your reaction time? How long does it take you to click a dart!?!
Play this mornings waker upper now. All you have to do is click on the tranquilizer button whenever you see a sheep leaving the flock and “running for freedom.”
There are 5 (FIVE) sheep to stop. Do NOT hit the [...]

Action Hero Family Tree

I included a picture, but it is not of great quality. So, I uploaded in the link below so it will come up bigger. If you have Mozilla Firefox, hit ctrl+t to open a new tab and just go back and forth. If you don’t use Firefox, you should really think about readjusting the roof [...]

14 Great Freebies You Must Have

This is the original article written by Vishal P at Please give credit if you are going to copy and paste it on your blog. I look down at people who copy others work. Thanks!
I believe that every Windows computer should come prepared with the following awesome freebies. Instead of all the b*s* it [...]

LOST - The Countdown

As season four of LOST fast approaches and the slow build up of hype is at an all time high, every LOST fan’s mind is filled with the wonder of a five-year-old at Disneyland. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a dozen theories flying around your head but you don’t want any of them [...]

Weekly Gathering - Jan. 25, 2008

Remember… only from!
Link Dump

AIM 6.8 Beta - Real time instant messenging? Neato!
Mediafly - Podcasting. Very easy to use site, get your podcasting feeds from here.
MediaCoder - open source universal audio/video batch converter. now for your mobile phone (Pocket PC & Smartphone) Sorry Blackberry lovers. Get!
The anatomy of a Black Hole. Go! - Font collections. [...]

How was life before the computer?

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Save Your Cell Phone Battery Life - Simple Plan

Want to save your cell phone battery life? Use these few simple tips and tricks to keep the juice running a long time.

Decrease your phones screen brightness to about 30-50 percent. You will still be able to see well. If there is direct sunlight, find shade. You won’t be able to see anything anyhow. [...]

Install and Uninstall Ubuntu like a normal application.

   Now, there is an unofficial way to install the ever so popular Linux on your windows. With a few simple clicks, you can install and uninstall Ubuntu with Wubi.
More Screenshots here. It is absolutely free, and simple. Risk free, if you are scared to install Ubuntu, Ubuntu way, try Wubi way. Get!

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