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Best Wedding Dance Ever!

Best Wedding Dance Ever - The funniest videos are a click away

Make A Lie Detector!

Make A Lie Detector! - Amazing videos are here

Handango Free App Friday - Every Friday!

Are you a smartphone, pocket pc or some sort of the “cool” phone user?  Well, you need to check out Handango’s website.  They have great applications for your phone for FREE every friday.  Sometimes, they are not suitable for your phone.
Last week’s FREE APP was for smartphones.  Not knowing it wasn’t compatiable with my device, [...]

Best FREE online TV - Starring TVU networks

“TVU networks enables anyone broadcast TV programs to global audiences cost effectively. Its service is based on a number of patent-pending technologies, which covers high quality video coding, efficient real-time P2P distribution, and effective digital rights management. TVU netowrks is founded and led by the veterans of digital TV, Internet, software and TV programming.”
My experience:
Having [...]

Manage your expenses for FREE online!

Introducing a newly discovered site by me.
Q. What is
A. is by far the best online money management social-networking site out there.
Q. Is it FREE to use?
A. Yeah… I have an account there and use two of my accounts there… I have my BOA (Bank of America) account as well as my Pay-Pal [...]

Welcome to the all new

Welcome fellow visitors to the all new We have started this blog to bring you the best of the best from numerous categories. Such categories we will be posting about are as follows:
- Gaming
- Lifestyle
- Money Saver
- Reviews
- Sicko
- Site Related (Information related to tadbit)
- Cool Finds
- Cool Sites
- Design
- Tech
- Videos
- Wicked
- and [...]