The Best Way to Manage Contacts on Your BlackBerry Storm 9500/9530

This post is for those who are looking at the easiest way possible to manage contacts and sync both ways.  This is the method that I have been using ever since day one. This is the method that I think is a “set it and forget it” type of thing.

The method is of course, if [...]

New Blackberry Storm 9500/9530 OS Leaked

Great stable strong built OS.
Previous OS: for 9530.
Process of installation: Backup, Upgrade, Battery Pull, Wipe, Battery Pull, Restore ONLY certain needed data from the database.
1) The screen seems to be more attractive, noticeable, and as everyone noticed, the font is bigger by default.
2) Camera seems to have no issues with me, yet.
3) Switching from [...] Is Your NetFlix Membership Worth What You Are Paying? is a free service that will determine if your NetFlix membership is really worth what you pay per month. I have NetFlix membership and have 2-at-a-time deal. Well worth it for the weekends.
All you have to do is go to and then link your NetFlix account to the site, no need [...]

Top 10 Must Have Free Blackberry Applications

Of course, selecting any top ten of any category is never easy. But when it comes to having a top ten list for your BlackBerry, it’s a must read. If you have a BlackBerry read on, if not, still read to find if these applications are available for your phone. Loser!

At any rate, choosing the [...]

The Moment We All Have Been Waiting For [Google Chrome]

Google Chrome , the accidently announced browser is an open source browser based on Webkit and powered by Google Gears. Google Chrome (what a name) is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. And for the rest of us, even more exciting. We like [...]

A new P2P in Town - Cabos - Simple and Lightweight

Cabos, Windows and Mac only, is a free open-source peer-to-peer file sharing application. A lightweight P2P client is always good, this one perfects nifty-ness.
Check it out for yourself, its lightweight, stripped down and bloat free.
[Via Download Squad & LifeHacker]

The New iPhone: iPhone 3G Review

So most of you already know quite a bit about the iPhone in general and all of its main features. Today I will be talking about the new iPhone 3G. It is the same exact phone as the regular version of the iPhone, but the 3G technology gives the iPhone fast access to the internet [...] enlightens your email - Oh Yea! (Invites)

Are you looking for a SUPERB email experience? An email experience that can dazzle you? Well, tadbit has got a limited invites to some extreme email users. Continue to read this article to find out how you can grab the all new Zenbe.
We have loved Gmail and everything it has to offer, till we met [...]

Top 10 Costliest Website In The World!

Openly: 18-Jan-1995
Price: $3,781,719,510
Openly: 15-Sep-1997
Price: $2,670,839,190
Openly: 22-Feb-1996
Openly:: 10-Nov-1994
Openly: 15-Feb-2005
Price: $1,455,768,506
Openly: 28-Dec-1994
Openly: 28-Dec-1994
Openly: 08-Dec-2002
Openly: 13-Jan-2001
Price: $299,711,546
[via Jaxey]

PC-Core Web Hosting

Every wanted a webhosting company that didn’t take advantage of you? Didn’t oversell their services? Had great customer care? Had lower prices? Well I believe that I have found a good site that offers this. Here’s my review.
I signed up with PC-Core after I saw their dedicated server offers. I’m the type of person [...]