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Yes people. is up for sale. Grab it before someone else does.
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Welcome to the new theme readers!

Hello all,
I would like to take this moment to thank all of our readers for being a part of tadbit blog. We have implemented a new theme brought to you by WP Remix; totally awesome themes.
The reason for this new theme change was because in the old theme, not everything was very easy to navigate. [...]

One off the best lifestyle changing procedures you can do.

Everyone struggles with a hectic lifestyle, but when that lifestyle gets interrupted with hard daily procedures, like a surface splinter, or a cracked egg yolk on the floor, the day only gets harder, and more hectic. Well thanks to our good friends from across the ocean, many people have seen and used new methods to [...]

Website + Speed + Dreamhost = Hell (The Truth)

Now that I have time to write this, I want to UN-recommend everyone from Dreamhost. In simple English, they suck! We,, literally, hosted with them for approximately 48 hours. Yeah, they suck that bad.

(Click on the image to see how we left!)
The DreamPanel
- Man this thing sucks. I hate it! I hate it! [...] is BACK online!

Thank you guys for being patient with us. After 13 hours of downtime, we have moved to our new host (Dreamhost), since they claim that the “have no CPU usage limit” we decided to use them. There were reviews on them that were bad and others were just outstanding. Dreamhost being ranked #11 with the [...]

Tadbit is moving to a bigger hosting!

Hi guys, since we are getting tons and tons of traffic on our blog everyday, and each day more and more subscribers we have decided to move to a BIGGER and better hosting today!
The site might be down for a little time because we are going to change the domain and all that stuff, so [...]

We have finally done some makeup to tadbit!

As we were previously talking about doing some “makeup” to the site, we have finally done it. This is the new and updated theme that we are updating constantly to keep you coming back to this blog. We have had many great reviews on this blog… “nice theme, nice blog, keep up the good work.” [...]

Coming Soon… to

- A new slogan!
Yes, we need one. People ask us who we are… we pause and ask ourselves, hmmm… brb. So now, we are giving tadbit a new slogan to represent its content.
- Theme touchups
Yes, yes, this is an excellent theme, we are only going to put on a little bit of makeup to it.
- [...]

Welcome to the all new

Welcome fellow visitors to the all new We have started this blog to bring you the best of the best from numerous categories. Such categories we will be posting about are as follows:
- Gaming
- Lifestyle
- Money Saver
- Reviews
- Sicko
- Site Related (Information related to tadbit)
- Cool Finds
- Cool Sites
- Design
- Tech
- Videos
- Wicked
- and [...]