Kittens’ Got Talent

This kitty can act. Now all she needs is a proposal from an Hollywood Director for this cat. Great video. Enjoy.

Kitty Plays Dead @ Yahoo! Video

iPhone 3G - Now Ships With Built-In Pictures

An iPhone 3G was recently shipped to someone in Kingston Upon Hull, UK with 3 pictures already coming with the “new” iPhone 3G.
Yes, the brand so-called new iPhone came with THREE pictures of the assembly line worker. Hmm, someone surely was having fun that day.
Here is what he said:
Not sure if this is or is [...]

A Day At The Beach In China

When you need to relax and just get away from it all, where do you go? Well, a day at the beach in China is not a place to go. Take a look at some of these pictures and you will know exactly why. Click on the image to see the full image with its [...]

15 Unfortunate Domain Names - A reason to why you must think!

How about you think before you register your next domain name. Here is a solid proof oh why you MUST think before you register your domain. Don’t be so eager to register it so nobody would take it, nobody wants it anyway.
The list

Who Represents - Find the agent that represents any celebrity. (Whore Presents)
Italian Power [...]

Action Hero Family Tree

I included a picture, but it is not of great quality. So, I uploaded in the link below so it will come up bigger. If you have Mozilla Firefox, hit ctrl+t to open a new tab and just go back and forth. If you don’t use Firefox, you should really think about readjusting the roof [...]

Don’t Smoke … You might die!

Smoking is bad for you!