Elephants Playing Soccer

Watch these two extremely talented elephants play soccer. Training animals, especially smart ones like dogs and elephants is though. Its usually a simple matter of getting the animals trust, and using a reward system to give them initiative to do these tricks. Do not assume that because a once wild animal now does tricks that [...]

Energy Drinks - Boost or Buzz

Both, boost and buzz! Yep, Brands like Sparks, Tilt, and Budweiser Extra have caffeine and ginseng for energy but they also can contain up to 7 percent alcohol. That’s higher than a can of beer. The question is, how are these drinks regulated? Some people aren’t even aware these energy drinks have alcohol already added. [...]

This is why you should always drink responsibly

Have you guys ever seen those alcohol commercial when they say “Always Drink Responsibly”. Well here is an explanation on why they say that.

There are about 20 more picture, click more to see them all.

The common Internet acronym LOL stands for what?

Are you really that stupid? Do you like not have any kids? Ordering the damn audience to help you with just ridiculous acronym. My grandma knows what that is.

15 Unfortunate Domain Names - A reason to why you must think!

How about you think before you register your next domain name. Here is a solid proof oh why you MUST think before you register your domain. Don’t be so eager to register it so nobody would take it, nobody wants it anyway.
The list

Who Represents - Find the agent that represents any celebrity.
http://www.whorepresents.com/ (Whore Presents)
Italian Power [...]

Drunk driver

Patrick Shanahan needed a set of wheels to get home from a local pub in Toronto, Canada, so he used his mother’s motorized wheelchair. The trouble was, Shanahan was drunk and he already had a previous impaired driving conviction. A police officer saw the 35-year-old headed down the road at 1:15 a.m., concluded he was [...]

Don’t Smoke … You might die!

Smoking is bad for you!

Girl, 10, Arrested for Using Knife to Cut Food at School

A 10-year-old Florida girl faces felony weapons charges after bringing a small steak knife to school to cut up her lunch.
School officials say the 5th grader was brown-bagging it. She brought a piece of steak for her lunch, but she also brought a steak knife. That’s when deputies were called.
It happened in the cafeteria [...]

33 Cents Per Gallon Gas Price Mistake

How dishonest can people be when an employee at a Wisconsin town gas station mistakenly changed the price per gallon to 32.9 cents instead of $3.299? A mistake that the towns disloyal people took advantage of. Word of the mistake spread very fast over night, around 42 people bought 586 gallons of gas in an [...]

Who is behind the lines? - Illusion

To see the illusion take back 2 steps from your screen.