Money Saver Is Your NetFlix Membership Worth What You Are Paying? is a free service that will determine if your NetFlix membership is really worth what you pay per month. I have NetFlix membership and have 2-at-a-time deal. Well worth it for the weekends.
All you have to do is go to and then link your NetFlix account to the site, no need [...]

Eating Out? Let Hook You Up!

If you are going out to eat with some friends or family
before Labor Day, go to and buy yourself a Gift Certificate for ‘uber cheap price. is offering 60% off their already cheap prices on GC’s.
So, say you are going to Cancun on Saturday night with some family. You buy yourself a $25 dollar [...]

Free Domain Name Registration From GoDaddy

GoDaddy is offering a free domain name registration with subscription to IndyCar newsletter. Free and Simple!
1. Click here.
2. Enter valid information (Be sure to check the box)
3. After you receive your code in your email, go here and register your FREE Domain!
[Via SlickDeals]
Update: 7/31/2008
Deal has expired. :(

Free WiFi with your latte.

Desperation is what you can sense from Starbucks inc. Maybe that is what prompted them to offer free AT&T WiFi in most of their stores.

The trick behind Starbucks “free” WiFi, is that it actually costs $5 a month, plus it is only available for 2 hours a day. To receive these privileges you must first [...]

One off the best lifestyle changing procedures you can do.

Everyone struggles with a hectic lifestyle, but when that lifestyle gets interrupted with hard daily procedures, like a surface splinter, or a cracked egg yolk on the floor, the day only gets harder, and more hectic. Well thanks to our good friends from across the ocean, many people have seen and used new methods to [...]

PC-Core Web Hosting

Every wanted a webhosting company that didn’t take advantage of you? Didn’t oversell their services? Had great customer care? Had lower prices? Well I believe that I have found a good site that offers this. Here’s my review.
I signed up with PC-Core after I saw their dedicated server offers. I’m the type of person [...]

Save Your Cell Phone Battery Life - Simple Plan

Want to save your cell phone battery life? Use these few simple tips and tricks to keep the juice running a long time.

Decrease your phones screen brightness to about 30-50 percent. You will still be able to see well. If there is direct sunlight, find shade. You won’t be able to see anything anyhow. [...]

Handango Free App Friday - No Longer Free

Back in 2007, Handango gave a free application every Friday for a couple of weeks. As we covered it before, here.
Well, now they don’t want to do that anymore. They want to give discounts… pshh.. I enjoyed my free applications for my XV6700!
If you want to find out more, click away.

Handango Free App Friday - Every Friday!

Are you a smartphone, pocket pc or some sort of the “cool” phone user?  Well, you need to check out Handango’s website.  They have great applications for your phone for FREE every friday.  Sometimes, they are not suitable for your phone.
Last week’s FREE APP was for smartphones.  Not knowing it wasn’t compatiable with my device, [...]

Manage your expenses for FREE online!

Introducing a newly discovered site by me.
Q. What is
A. is by far the best online money management social-networking site out there.
Q. Is it FREE to use?
A. Yeah… I have an account there and use two of my accounts there… I have my BOA (Bank of America) account as well as my Pay-Pal [...]