New Mac Mini Video?

Mac Mini 2009 Edition - video powered by Metacafe

Kittens’ Got Talent

This kitty can act. Now all she needs is a proposal from an Hollywood Director for this cat. Great video. Enjoy.

Kitty Plays Dead @ Yahoo! Video

Traffic Lights In India? NON!

Watch this video and see why traffic lights are a waste to have. Watch it till about 1 minute and 20 seconds. That is where you will see ‘the traffic light.’ Lol! If you have never seen anything like this you are going to say “Oh shit, ooo man… whaoo.” Enjoy!

The Crayon Rap - LMAO

Bored? Listen to this very very colorful rap. Done a very nice job. You will enjoy this today. Trust me.

Elephants Playing Soccer

Watch these two extremely talented elephants play soccer. Training animals, especially smart ones like dogs and elephants is though. Its usually a simple matter of getting the animals trust, and using a reward system to give them initiative to do these tricks. Do not assume that because a once wild animal now does tricks that [...]

Really Nasty Motorcycle Crash

A motorcyclist running from the cops hits dead onto a car after passing an underground pass way. Flips multiple times. You might have to watch the video more than once to get a better understanding of it. Enjoy.

(Click Picture to Watch Video)
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Microsoft Surface - The Possibilities (are endless)

Here is something that is very cool! You guys would definitely enjoy it.
What is Microsoft Surface?Microsoft Surfaceâ„¢, the first commercially available surface computer from Microsoft Corp., turns an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, interactive surface. The product provides effortless interaction with digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects. Surface is a 30-inch [...]

Watch this girl jump rope as fast as she can!

Amazingly fast. It looks like the video is fast forwarding.

Longest YouTube Video Ever

This is very long and boring comes in… have you seen the entire thing? We suggest you not to.

Human Tetris Performance by Guillaume Reymond

Very cleverly created human tetris.